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After Lord Hertfordshire, Samuel Law acquired the estate who farmed thousands of acres of land stretching from Meath to Westmeath.

In 1917 our Grandfather William Kane bought the Estate.  The family story read when William Kane viewed the house the front door fell in such was the extent of disrepair. 

William refurbished the house and moved in with his wife Bridget, son William Junior and daughter Moya. 

William and Bridget were very happy at Boyne View and 4 more children were born Eithne, Agatha, James and Bernadette.William Junior, Moya, and James never married.   All three lived at Boyne View until their deaths. 

Sadly Moya was the last Kane to reside at Boyne View and passed away in December 2002.

2002 to date

On Moya’s passing, Agatha’s Son Anthony inherited the estate. Anthony and Deirdre his wife, took on the refurbishment of the house, buildings and farm land to create a tranquil and unique setting in tune with nature for the guest to unwind and have a wonderful experience.

Anthony and Deirdre have now restored the house to its former glory keeping as much of the original furniture and features. Along with their 5 children Anton, Stefan, Dylan, Claudia and Rhiannon they have opened up Boyne View to be enjoyed by all.

We hope you enjoyed this insight into Boyne Views history and we look forward to greeting you for your stay at Boyne View House.

Deirdre and Anthony

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