BOANN (Bóinn)

Goddess of Water, Fertility & Inspiration.

Boann created the River Boyne.

1 Bedroom Lodge with a bed choice of one extra large double or a twin.


ERIU (Ériu)

Goddess of Ireland

Ériu’s name is thought to mean ‘earth, soil’ or ‘plentiful’, as well as ‘fat land’ or ‘land of abundance’.

Ériu was crowned Goddess of Ireland at Uisneach. Uisneach still celebrates the lighting of the Fires at Bealtine. Uisneach is a little over 1 hours drive from Boyne View House.

Eriu features 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms and Kitchen/Living Area. Our Beds can either be a large double or 2 Singles.


DANU (Danú) – The Earth Mother Goddess

Danú is one of the oldest mythical beings in Ireland. Often portrayed as a beautiful woman, this Celtic Goddess is commonly associated with nature.

Danú is the most ancient of the Celtic gods. She was referred to as the mother of the Irish gods, which indicates that she was a mother goddess.

Danu is similar to Eriu and features 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen and living area.

New Lodges Coming Soon 2022

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